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Request a review using B2C

bioRxiv  |  2023-12-07

One of our goals at bioRxiv is to help authors get feedback on their work through both informal and formal mechanisms. The bioRxiv comment section allows authors to receive and respond to rapid reaction from readers, and our B2J ('bioRxiv-to-journal') process makes it easy for them to send papers directly to any one of more than 300 journals for formal peer review.

We’re now adding a new tool, B2C (for 'bioRxiv-to-community'), that authors can use to request feedback on their work from self-organizing communities of scientists. B2C uses a new web protocol called COAR Notify to send notifications to communities like PREreview that an author is requesting feedback on their paper. If a bioRxiv author requests feedback from PREreview, for example, bioRxiv uses COAR Notify to communicate this to PREreview, which then posts the request on their community Slack channel to alert potential reviewers. Depending on the service, once feedback is received, it may also be viewable to readers in the community tab in the bioRxiv dashboard.

To request feedback on a preprint, authors simply select “Request Community Feedback” in the bioRxiv Author Area, where they can also submit to a journal (B2J) or an external author service (B2X). PREreview is the first participant in B2C but we hope to add more choices in future. Other communities wishing to participate should contact bioRxiv.