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An easy access dashboard now provides links to scientific discussion and evaluation of bioRxiv preprints.

bioRxiv  |  2021-05-14

Part of our mission at bioRxiv is to alert readers to reviews and discussion of preprints and support the different ways readers provide feedback to authors on their work. These include tweets, comments on preprints and community- or journal-organized peer reviews. bioRxiv improves discoverability of such efforts by linking to peer reviews, community discussions and mentions of the preprint in social and traditional media. By aggregating this information in a new dashboard, we are now making these even easier for readers to find and access.

A series of new icons now appears in the dashboard launch bar, above each Abstract, representing different sources of preprint discussion or evaluation; the numbers of each evaluation or interaction are shown, and clicking on one of the icons opens a dashboard with details of the entries in that section.

The first link brings up the bioRxiv Comment section in the dashboard. Here, readers can find comments submitted to bioRxiv and also submit their own comments through the commenting service Disqus. All comments are moderated to ensure they adhere to our commenting policies.

The second icon brings up reviews that have been solicited by journals and other peer review services that participate in the Transparent Review in Preprints (TRiP) pilot. Authors can opt into TRiP when they submit to participating services, such as eLife, Review Commons and Peerage of Science. This enables journals and peer review services to display peer reviews they solicit next to the version of the preprint on bioRxiv that was submitted to them.

In addition, bioRxiv supports initiatives that review preprints independently of the authors. These are accessible via links to the relevant websites in the 'Community reviews' tab of the dashboard (rather than below the abstract as before). The content is not endorsed by bioRxiv or the preprints' authors.

With the growing popularity of preprints, automated methods for screening and evaluating preprints are also being developed. Links to these will be available soon under the 'Automated Evaluations' tab.

bioRxiv also aims to inform readers about discussion of individual preprints that occur in social and traditional media. The Blog/Media tab in the dashboard lists mentions of the preprint in blogs, newspapers, and other outlets. Another tab shows the preprint's twitter mentions. This information was previously displayed below each article.

The information provided in the new dashboard is made available through continuing integrations with Hypothesis, Disqus, Altmetric, Sciety, and various community initiatives. We are grateful to all those involved who help us aggregate, link and display information.