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bioRxiv posts many COVID19-related papers. A reminder: they have not been formally peer-reviewed and should not guide health-related behavior or be reported in the press as conclusive.

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Plateau, O., Foth, C.
Cavigliasso, F., Mathe-Hubert, H., Gatti, J.-L., Colinet, D., Poirie, M.
Refoyo-Martinez, A., Liu, S., Jorgensen, A. M., Jin, X., Albrechtsen, A., Martin, A. R., Racimo, F.
Koert, M., Mattson, C., Caruso, S. M., Erill, I.
Segovia, R. A.
Castagneyrol, B., van Halder, I., Kadiri, Y., Schille, L., Jactel, H.
Picon-Cochard, C., Vassal, N., Martin, R., Herfurth, D., Note, P., Louault, F.
Edeline, E., Loeuille, N.
Scalvenzi, T., Clavereau, I., Pollet, N.
Cury, J., Haller, B. C., Achaz, G., Jay, F.