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Following Preprints

bioRxiv  |  2021-08-30

An important part of our mission at bioRxiv is to alert readers when new preprints that might interest them are posted. You can already sign up for personalized alerts on the bioRxiv Alerts/RSS page (see figure below) to get automatic notifications when papers that satisfy your search criteria are posted. We also provide dedicated RSS feeds and twitter accounts for certain subject categories (Cell Biology, Neuroscience, Genetics, etc.).

But preprints can be revised, people comment on them, and ultimately most end up being published in journals. Since these are all events readers might also want to know about, we have now added an exciting new feature that allows you to Follow a preprint so that you get notified when someone comments on it, the authors post a new version, or the paper is published as a version of record in a journal.

To follow a paper, simply click on ‘Follow this preprint’ above the title, enter your email address, and choose which events you’d like to be notified about. We’ll then send you an email when the events occur – summary emails are sent once a day so you are not bombarded!

You can edit the list of preprints you are following at any time by going to the Alerts/Follow page. There you’ll find a list of all the preprints you follow. Hovering over the DOI with your mouse shows the title of the paper. You can then remove the paper from the list or edit the events for which you would like to receive notifications.